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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tales from the Homeland: Seattle Tattoos

It's been a very busy week here at the Seattle digs of the Franco-American Flophouse.

Before leaving France I resolved to "get inked" on our vacation.  No sooner had we landed than I went looking for a tattoo parlor - something that is almost as ubiquitous as coffee shops here in Seattle.

This was not my first tattoo.  For a picture of what sits on my upper back close to my shoulder check out this post from 2011.  As I left Two Birds Tattoo that summer, Tara warned me that tattoos were addicting and she was sure this was just the beginning.  She was right.

Some people are shocked to discover that a nice 40-something lady like me has tattoos.  I understand.  When I was a teenager (around 16 or so) the only person I knew with a tattoo was my boyfriend who was in the army and posted at Fort Lewis.

Fast forward to 2013 and take a stroll through neighborhoods like Fremont, Capital Hill, Wallingford and you'll see people of all ages (and of either sex) with some gorgeous body art.  And not just tattoos but piercings and hair in every conceivable shade.

Why?  I dare not speculate too much but it might have something to do with Seattle being a pretty laid back place.  The Elder Frenchling dyed her hair green recently and not one eyebrow lifted when she walked into work.

When some people think of tattoos, they think military or bikers or perhaps someone with a little prison time - a tattoo being something men do when they get drunk or on a dare or just before they ship out.  Phooey.  Why should the guys have all the fun (and all that sweet pain)?  Yep, we women have decided to crash the party.

I was stone cold sober for my first tattoo and my second.  I thought a lot about design (it is permanent after all)  before I made my decision.  Sylvia Plath once wrote, "wear your heart on your skin in this life."  And what do I love to do?  Garden.  So my first tattoo was bluebells and my second -  done by Ashley at Super Genius Tattoo this afternoon - looks like this:

Really beautiful work.  The flowers are exquisite, the shading on the leaves and the colors are stunning.  Ashley is a gifted artist and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  The shop is up on Capitol Hill on Pike Street.

Is a tattoo for you?  Maybe, maybe not.

But consider this:  It would give those of you traveling to my fair city something to do that's far more interesting than going up the Space Needle.

Bon weekend, everyone.


Tim said...

This might be a duplicate post but I have to say there is a bit of an East Coast West Coast divide on tattoos. Take Massachusetts were tattoos were banned for many years although the moment you crossed into New Hampshire you saw tons of tattoo parlors.

Blaze said...

Gorgeous tattoo for strong, gorgeous woman.

Green hair next to match your daughter? Not my daughter's hair? How about purple?

A friend had green and purple highlights for her 60th birthday. It was actually quite stunning.

Marie said...

I love your tatoo - it makes me wanna rush out and get one too :-)

Marie said...

love it- it's really beautiful

Victoria FERAUGE said...

@Tim, I dare say you're right. I don't recall a lot of tattoos in New York or Boston.

@Blaze, Nzw still holding out for red. Eventually. :-)

@Marie, Thank you! With the right artist, the results are really nice. Ashley is a very gifted artists. Check out her portfolio - there is some really lovely work there.

Unknown said...

Such vibrant colors . Beautiful ... and I LOVE bluebells! Phoebus is definitely not Seattle. ;-)

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Thank you, Yvonne. And I loved your post today. It was perfect.