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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vancouver: The Brocksters

I am just loving Vancouver.  Yesterday morning I got up early and went to the 8 AM Mass at the Holy Rosary Cathedral.  Beautiful church and service.  Very often weekday masses are what I call "Speed Mass" - an abbreviated version of the full meal deal.  This one cut no corners and the priest gave lengthy (but truly inspiring) sermon.  Before leaving the church I lit candles for Julia, Jacques and Roger.

After Mass I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Very nice.  I really enjoyed the Grand Hotel Exhibit though I didn't see my favorite hotel (The Hôtel de Crillon in Paris) mentioned.

All that was good but the fun didn't really begin until I hit the lobby of the Vancouver Hotel and met some fellow travelers from the Isaac Brock Society (The Vancouver Brocksters).  How amazing to finally meet in person some of the people I've had the pleasure to know via social media and the Internet.  What a joy and an honor to see them in person.  We had lunch at the cafe at the art gallery and there was so much to say and it ended far too soon.   Thus far this is the highlight of my North American trip and I thank each and every one of them for the meet up.  It was incredible.

And just a suggestion on my part:  You folks should keep meeting.  I think together you could really rock this part of the world.

Today is my last day here.  I'll be heading over to an AA meeting around noon and then I will wander the city until it's time to take the train.


Blaze said...

Keep on Brocking!

I wish Icould have flown out to Vancouver for Brockstock.

bubblebustin said...

So nice to have you, Victoria. I hope that little time will pass before we see you again. I am so happy that you were able to visit Vancouver in what is turning out to be a truly exceptional summer. Keep well, ma cherie!

Victoria FERAUGE said...

I wish you'd been there too, Blaze. And the garden cafe? Extraordinary.

You too, bubblebustin and thank you (and your husband) for all your kindness and help.