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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mise au Point: Un passeport américain encombrant d'un point de vue fiscal

This is the first news program I've seen in French that looks at the personal stories behind the renunciations of American citizenship in response to FATCA.  The video was produced by Swiss news but everything in it applies to American citizens, Green Card holders  and  "Accidental Americans" living in the EU even those who think they are exclusively French, German, Belgian or British citizens.

What is truly extraordinary here is people are so angry and afraid that they are overcoming their fear and are willing to go public - to be interviewed by radio, TV, print and on-line newspapers and to use their real names.  Takes a great deal of courage to do that and I am personally deeply grateful to each and every one of them for coming out.

And a special thanks to Jackie Bugnion, the president of ACA, for her work.  In this video you can see just how fine an advocate she is for us on this issue.

(Having some trouble embedding the video, so if you can't get it to work on the Flophouse, here is a direct link)


Julia Gandrud (aka JuliaLikesFrogs) said...

What about a petition on the subject? I think people in the US who don't have reasons to live elsewhere, or without family elsewhere, don't know anything about this...

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi Julia,

How are you doing?

Some tried a petition last year and it didn't go anywhere. Maybe it's time to try again.