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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Earth Moved

About an hour ago as my daughter and I sat in the blue chairs reading and my spouse was watching his evening action movie, our 28-floor apartment building began to rock back and forth like a big creepy cradle.  The dining room ceiling light swayed.

"Earthquake,"  my daughter said.  And we all looked at each other and hung on for the ride which seemed to go on and on and on.

Low in intensity; but long in duration.

It finally stopped and we all leapt up and grabbed our me-machines to find out what the heck had happened and where.

A 7.8 and the epicenter was out in the Pacific Ocean (south of us).  The Japan Meteorological Society website has this map showing where it all began at 20:24 (x marks the spot).  Note that by the time it arrived chez nous, it was a 2 or 3 (maybe even a 4).

We were hardly alone in being jolted out of our evening routine.  This graphic from Fark Japan Quake map shows just how far and wide this one was felt.


Unknown said...
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Ellen Lebelle said...

Just got on line to write to you and found that you had already written us. Thank you for the update. Glad it was so gentle to you in Osaka.

Inaka Nezumi said...

Magnitude 8.5 according to the news. But very deep (500 km), so not so bad above ground, fortunately. And no tsunami.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Gentle was exactly how it felt, Ellen. The building swayed back and forth - impressive feat for a tower as tall as hours.

We looked at a couple of site Nezumi-san and some said 7.8 and others said 8.5. When it got to us it had pretty much petered out. I've felt worse. A 4 or 5 in an old wooden house in Seattle - now THAT was freaky. And there was a 6 in Tokyo when we lived there that almost sent our computer screen crashing to the floor (Frenchlings grabbed it as it was falling).

And thank goodness no tsumani. That scares me far worse then an earthquake.

Leslie in Oregon said...

I'm so glad it felt gentle and that your tower was built to sway.

Blaze said...

Shake Rattle and Roll

Seriously, I'm glad you are safe.