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Monday, April 2, 2012

Flophouse Garden in April

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Versailles: sunny and warm with just a slight breeze that sufficed to blow just enough pollen into the house to activate my spouse's hay fever.

Impossible to stay inside on a day like that.  So we grabbed the car and headed out to Truffaut's in Parly 2.  After I salivated over the fancy trellises and we made our usual pass by the animalerie to see the ferrets, we got down to business and purchased lettuce, tomatoes, gladiolas, pois de senteur (sweet peas), Capucines (nasturtiums), courgettes (zucchini) , geraniums, one large sac of fumier de cheval (horse manure) and two sacs of terreau (potting soil).

My garden is not very large but after so many years of apartment living in various suburbs around Paris, I'm just deeply grateful to have a garden of any size.  There's no particular plan for my garden. On the contrary,  I'm constantly changing my mind about what I want to grow and where. There's a fair amount of weeds as well.  I'm very good at the creative stuff - not so good at basic maintenance and, if the weed is pretty, I figure I might as well let it have its way. After all, who am I to argue if fate decided to put that dandelion there?   The result is modest but it makes me happy and I spent the better part of Sunday puttering around and planting some of what we bought on Saturday.  The rest will go on this week and the next but here are a few pictures of what's already in place.

And if anyone has a good tip for how to clean up the stones on the patio, I am all ears.....


Berliniquais said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love gardens! It does look a little bit overgrown, but that "wild" look is perfect. Some of my plants are just budding again. The others (the majority) are dead...

Keep up the good work!

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi JM, Congrats again on your award which was well-deserved. I'm glad you like the "wild look" - it's a lot less work too. :-)

Sorry to hear that you lost some plants. Given how cold it was in your corner of the world I'm not surprised. On my side all my begonias died. But the dahlias (the drag queens of the garden) seem OK as are the peonies. I'll post another picture in a month or so. Do you have pictures of your garden? If so I would love to see them.

All the best,


Berliniquais said...

Hello Victoria, yes, it's the usual task for me in springtime: counting the survivors (and rejoicing about every bud), mourning the dead (though not too long) and making way for newer plants! I intend to write something about my ''garden" (though this term is such a shameless overstatement) soon. I hope the tiny size of it and the glaring absence of "drag-queens" will not disappoint you too much!

Happy Easter!