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Thursday, September 29, 2011

World Migrant Map

The Migration Policy Institute has updated its World Migration Map with 2010 data from the World Bank.

This is a really nifty tool.  Click on the Sending and Destination Regions tabs, select the area you're interested in from the map,  and you will get a good overall view of  where the 216 million global migrants are from and where they choose to go.

So where exactly do they choose to go?

Well, contrary to anti-migrant voices in Europe and the U.S. who would have you believe that all immigrants want to come live in their part of the world, (isn't it time these folks stopped thinking of their regions as the sweet spots at the center of the universe?) most migration is within regions.  Africans mostly move within Africa, Asians within Asia, Europeans within Europe and so on.  The two top destinations for U.S. migrants are...?

You guessed it, Canada and Mexico. :-)

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