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Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Inspiration for a Friday

I fell in love with Chris Guillebeau and his book, The Art of Non-Conformity, a little over a year ago. He hails from my home region, the Pacific Northwest, and I think a lot of what he writes reflects some of the very best of what that part of the world has to offer. This region is blessed with natural beauty, a rather original mix of Native American, European and Asian culture, and many interesting, unpretentious and unconventional people.

Mr. Guillebeau has never held a "real" job.   He works for himself - he writes and he travels - and he doesn't see why any of you couldn't do exactly the same thing if you were so inclined.  He'll even help if you're interested in learning how to go about it.  That's the message on his website and in his books.   A few years ago he decided to visit every country in the world by April 7, 2013.  To date he has managed to visit 159 out of 193 and it appears he is actually going to make his deadline.  I'm not so interested in that successful project - what I'm really looking forward to is hearing what his next grand objective is.

I hope each and every one of you is having a fabulous Friday doing exactly what you want for yourself or for people you genuinely esteem and like working for.

But if you are suffering through another meeting or gnashing your teeth over coffee with colleagues and you can't wait to get home to start the weekend, maybe it's time to start thinking about alternatives...

Bon weekend!

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