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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Working in Europe - What is it really like?

There are a lot of stories going around about what it's like to work in Europe.  Wouldn't it be interesting to know what Europeans themselves think about their jobs?

The Fifth European Working Survey 2010 sponsored by Eurofound released earlier this year is a fascinating look at working conditions in European countries  43,000 people in 34 countries were asked about training, workplace autonomy, the prevalence of harassment, awareness of health issues, among many other topics related to work and the work environment. Since this is the fifth survey that Eurofound has conducted, they are now able to track changes over time.  For specific country information, there are interactive maps here.  You can also download the data if you are interested in having more detail.

For those who much prefer a high-level presentation, this 5-minute video outlines some of the major findings:

I should mention here that I became aware of this site and the survey through a very good LinkedIn group called GRI - Gestion des Risques Interculturels.  I highly recommend it - great discussions and very useful links and resources.

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