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Friday, March 27, 2015

While We Wait for Spring

This is from James and I am posting it here for those of us who are living in northern climes where spring is just the barest promise.

Below is The Floating Flower Garden - an interactive space you can visit in Tokyo with "2,300 Suspended Flowers by Japanese Art Collective teamLab" (video and description by Johnny Strategy up on Colossal).

Virtual, but mighty pretty, too.

Before viewing perhaps this excerpt from M. J. Lermontov's poem Demon will put you in that sultry, spring-like state of mind until the much-awaited season's kaleidoscope of colors finally bursts forth in your corner of the world:

"With richest colours, like a carpet, shot,
Of earth the choicest, fairest, happiest spot.
Enchanted castles, crystal streams, that strayed
Mid jewelled pebbles and sweet music made;
Bowers of roses, where the nightingale
Sings to his mate unheeding of love's tale,
The sycamores with ivy crowned, the glade
Where timid hinds at noontide seek the shade.
The rustling leaves, the breath of myriad flowers.
Murmurous with bees, the glow of sultry hours."


Tim said...

Right now I am waiting on whether the US Senate is finally going to vote on whether FATCA should be repealed. This vote looks like it will be well into the middle of the night.

Leslie in Oregon said...

Spring is in full bloom here in Portland (but then, we didn't have more than a very few days of winter). I wish I could send you some lilac and rhododendron blooms, but spring will come to you soon and, I imagine, beautifully. If not, you may have to force yourself to swim on down to Bali! Now to check out Tim's link re the possibility of FATCA being repealed. Thank you for the Lermontov poetry!

Victoria FERAUGE said...

@Tim, been checking email to see if there is any news. Looks like ti was dropped, right?

@Leslie, Please send me some lilacs. Today it will be 18 degrees and so the sakura is not too far away. Just have to be patient. I like that poem a lot. It's very Romantic. :-) I wonder what it sounds like in the original Russian.

Tim said...


Unfortionately it did not make it to a vote. It looked like it would until about midnight DC time