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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Woofie is Not Compliant - What to Do?

Last night I stayed up late and watched the entire 2-hour session of the IRS Oversight meeting and read the Senate Report on Tax Evasion.  It was riveting.  Really.

All this with the intention of posting something this morning about one or the other.

But you know what?  I need a break and I suspect you do, too.


Petros (Peter) over at Isaac Brock posted this funny, New Form 1040-K9.  Check it out - it is hilarious.

And just for kicks (and to tempt you further) here is what Peter posted this on Facebook about Woofie's dilemma:
"Woofie finds himself in an embarrassing situation. He didn't know he was supposed to file his 1040-K9 for all the years that he lived in Canada. Now he has a compliance problem but is not sure how to approach it. Come to one of our seminars. We will have special session just for our furry friends. But Woofie's problems are just starting. He's found that he can't renounce his citizenship because US state department officials believe him to be incompetent or perhaps, that his owners are forcing him."
Woofie, my friend, je vous ai compris.


Blaze said...

At a recent information session, lawyer John Richardson said there are two types of "US persons" outside United States.

1.Tax Compliant

2.Non-Tax Compiant

Both are problems. Welcome to our world Woofie.

Catherine said...

This reminds me that April fool's is coming up. Hmmm.