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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Montréal Bound!

I'm headed for Canada next week.  I will be in Montréal from February 13 - 19.  The Frenchlings have graciously agreed to allow me to sleep in their spare bedroom.  I think their apartment is near the Atwater Metro station...

As for requests from the Hexagon, I have been told simply to bring Milka (milk chocolate, no nuts) from France.  There you have it - what those French kids really miss from the Old Country.

My schedule is very flexible so if anyone would like to meet while I'm there, just send me an email at

A très bientôt, mes amis...


Catherine said...

And just in time for the weather to start easing up! I hope no polar vortexes occur while you are visiting, so you can get out and enjoy the city. :)

Christophe said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy the time with your daughters!
Milka, that's interesting. This is actually one brand of chocolate that I can find for cheap at my local grocery store.
The couple items I miss the most from France are Amora mustard (I can only find Maille here and crème de marrons).
We'll be visiting my sister next to Rambouillet at the end of June.
Will let you know when it gets closer but would love to meet with my family at that occasion.

P. Moore said...

Have a great trip, Victoria. This time of year in Canada we talk a lot about the weather. Looks like you are gonna be in Montreal at a time when it is not too cold, so I hope you get around the city a lot and have a good time with your daughters. Hopefully you will see some others who follow your blog as well.

Célyne à Barna said...

bonne chance avec le temps. If this is your first time, dont base your opinion of the city on that time of the year: humid, melted snow in the streets, dirty...but perhaps there is some kind a great winter festival going on. There always is. And do go play outside to endure the cold. When I was there, it was difficult to find real Amora mustard. But otherwise you can find just about everything from the old continent. Do go to the quaint bars and restaurants. And do go visit the Laurentians, just 45 minutes outside the city.

Blaze said...

Will you be indulging in poutine? (Yuk!)

Blaze said...

@P Moore: Only a true Canadian could possibly describe Montreal in February as "not too cold."

That proves you are not a "US person!"

Pat L said...

Bon voyage, safe flight and enjoy your stay.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

@Catherine, The Frenchlings say that it's cold but not too bad. I'll bring my boots and my warm jacket. The girls are in a very central location so I shouyld be able to get out and about - IF my arthritis gives me a break.

@Christophe, Rambouillet? Just a hop, skip and a jump from where I am. Let me know more as you firm up those travel plans. I'd love to meet you.

@P.Moore, I hope so too. Thanks for the note and the encouragement.

@Célyne, Merci! Must stay out of the bars (recovering alcoholic) but the restaurants I can do. I've had some very memorable meals in Montreal. :-)

@Blaze, I've never tried it. Should I?

@Pat L, Thank you and I think it will do me a world of good to get out of Versailles for a few days. My medication is (as they told me it would) causing les troubles de l'humeur and for the past month or so I've been on the downside (depression).

Blaze said...

You have never truly experienced Quebec until you have tried poutine!