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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Le Parisien

Taking another detour today.  Years ago in a movie theater in Paris I saw a publicity that had my spouse and I laughing hysterically in our seats.  It was very short and it was a play on common stereotypes about Parisians.  

The other day via Benjamin Pelletier (Gestion des riques interculturels) I followed a link to this article about cultural stereotypes in advertisements,  Clichés : à quoi reconnaît-on un Français dans une pub étrangère ?, and there it was.  Just as funny today as it was a few years back.  Enjoy and vive la pub!


French Girl in Seattle said...

Ah, les Parisiens. So unpopular, especially among their countrymen, that a newspaper can make fun of them and expect everyone to relate to all the stereotypes! These were really funny, Victoria. The beach one is only partially inaccurate: A true Parisian would have picked the most crowded spot to spread his towel. Everyone knows Parisians LOVE crowds, even on vacation :-) Signed: Veronique, toulousaine (French Girl in Seattle)

Anonymous said...

I have been to Paris three times, there is this INRA office 4 blocks from the Eiffel tower. INRA is here The main thing I notice about Parisians is that they smoke way too much. Victoria you need to smoke less.