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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vide-grenier de Porchefontaine

Do the French have garage sales?

You bet they do.  They are called vide-greniers which means "empty the attic' and I just went to a spectacular one here today in Porchefontaine.  They closed off the streets in the center of the neighborhood and local residents put up stalls up and down the main roads with stuff for sale.

I had so much fun.  Bargaining was allowed.  Good cheer was abundant.  I was captivated and entertained beyond my wildest expectations.  I don't know how many complete strangers I met - one woman and I literally went through our sacks in the middle of the street showing each other all the treasure we found - and how many faces I recognized from church, local shops and neighborhoods in and adjacent to Porchefontaine.

For the cerise sur le gâteau, I scored some real bargains.

On the left is a portable sewing box.  It has room for all my quilting stuff so I can get rid of all those plastic boxes in the basement.  It's light and has a handle so I can move it from room to room.  The screws need tightening and it needs a good dusting but other than that it's in perfect shape.

On the right is a small night table with a marble top.  Just beautiful and small enough to fit in a corner of my very small house.

On top of the table is this dish that I got for 1 Euro.  I'd been looking for something like this for serving hot vegetables like asparagus or beans.  It's in perfect shape and I thought it was very pretty.

Okay, none of this stuff was essential but the fun was in the process, not the final product.  I'll find space for all of it and when next year's vide-grenier rolls around, I have promised my spouse to subtract (not add) to the clutter.

Bon dimanche, everyone!


French Girl in Seattle said...

How fun Victoria! Wish I could have been there. It's funny: Our neighborhood had their yearly [very American] garage sale yesterday :-) I did not see anything as pretty as the furniture you show us here on any of the driveways, however. C'est dommage... Off to the Seattle International Film Festival today. I will be thinking about you. I am covering a French movie AND will be interviewing the director. Feeling a bit nervous :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Victoria FERAUGE said...

How exciting, Veronique! But I do understand why you have le trac... :-) Have fun at the festival and I am positive that your interview will be a good one.

Blaze said...

What fun for you Victoria--even though I personally hate garage sales.

Do you think IRS will make you FRAR (Foreign Report on Attic Relics)your new possessions?

Victoria FERAUGE said...

@Blaze, Since I didn't spend much I think I'm probably under the reporting threshold. :-)