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Friday, April 12, 2013

Some Good News

This past week I had my first tests post-chemo/radiation and I got the results today at my scheduled check-up with my oncologist.  So far, so good.  They didn't find anything that might be cause for alarm.          

They are nevertheless going to run me through a PET scan next week to be sure nothing was missed.

My doctor was grinning and she gave the "go" for an appointment with a plastic surgeon for breast reconstruction.

Next appointment is in 6 months.  If I take Andrew Griffith at his word in his excellent book, Lymphoma Journey, it is a very good sign that the time between check-ups is growing a bit longer (6 months instead of four).

I still have medicine to take, side-effects to manage (the chemo is rough stuff and it takes awhile to bounce back) and, of course, the full scan next week.

But this is a bright spot in a landscape that has been pretty bleak over the past year or so.  I would say that my mood today is "cautiously optimistic."

Time to go walk the garden.

Bon weekend!


Anonymous said...

Truly happy for you, Victoria. The universe needs you.

I think of a Kodak commercial that says "Listen" and someone says they don't hear anything...then they hear "Keep Me... Protect Me... Share Me".

Yeah, she's a keeper.


Rosy said...

I second the above motions! Also got good news from another friend today, same type of problem. Guess some people are just meant to pull through and keep changing the world for the better! Much love, R.

Shirl and Rowan said...

Hi, Victoria. It seems like just about a year since I met you in Paris, and happy anniversary of us meeting and absolutely fantastic wonderful good news! Yeah!!
I love reading your blog, and I prescribe rest, deep breaths of gratitude, and a trip to somewhere unusual to celebrate. I remember once when I got a negative biopsy result standing on Santa Monica Beach and really breathing for the first time in a long time. Yeah!
Shirl and Rowan

Anonymous said...

This is indeed good news. And yes, less is more when it comes to 'callbacks,' although bizarrely enough I sometimes missed the security blanket of frequent clinic visits.

Hopefully, the PET scan will confirm this good news and you can have a wonderful summer without this worry.

bubblebustin said...

Excellent! Share in the rejuvenation that comes with spring and blossom into a new world hope and strength, Victoria.

bubblebustin said...

Excellent! Share in the rejuvenation that comes with spring and blossom into a new world hope and strength, Victoria.

Janet said...

Congratulations! I was happy to read the good news

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Thank you all very much. Made my day (and my weekend). Yes, tomorrow might bring more challenges but it's nice to just breathe a little easier for a few days. :-)

@Mike, The universe needs you too. Love your photos. Every time I go on Facebook I look for your work - really wonderful.

@Shirl and Rowan, That's a great idea! I thought about heading for Quebec but the term is almost over. Maybe the south of France or Spain instead?

@Andrew, Yep, crossing my fingers. I know what you mean about the security of the checkups. It was such a relief to just SEE my oncologist and talk. And I felt right at home in the clinic. That kind of scares me....

Pat (Orion) said...


I am very glad to read your good news, it proves that good thoughts and prayers cannot do any harm !!

Do you know of this link for US brunches in Paris :

Have a great spring in your new garden.