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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paris versus New York

And another good video passed along by a Flophouse reader. It's called "Paris versus New York" by Tony Miotto.  It's a comparison of all the stereotypes we think of when we hear the names of these two cities.  It was inspired by this blog called Paris versus New York:  A Tally of Two Cities by artist  Vahram Muratyan.

I really enjoyed it and I wonder (hint hint) if someone would be up for doing one about Versailles versus Seattle?

Paris vs New York from TonyMiotto on Vimeo.


Berliniquais said...

Yes I've seen this video on Facebook. It's quite nice indeed :-)

However, if you really would like to see something similar on Versailles vs Seattle, as the saying goes in French, "on n'est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même"!

Berliniquais said...

Dear me, these "captchas" have to be the single most annoying thing on earth. It took me 5 attemps to post the previous comment, and for these one, God knows how many times I will need to try...

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Yep, those captchas are really annoying. Thank you, JM for your patience.

Point taken. Let me get over my chemo brain (last chemo session is Monday. Hurrah!) and I'll see what I can come up with.