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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Going Places

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 
Dr. Seuss

I'm nearing the end of Chemo cycle #3 and preparing for Chemo Cocktail #4 which is next Thursday.   I've been pretty much confined to the house because I am "immunosupprimée" and the world is a dangerous place for me right now - catching a cold could land me in the hospital.   

I may not be able to get out into the world much but no matter because friends and family are bringing the world to me by recommending titles or by passing along books.  Last week I received no fewer than 4 books in the mail - some via Amazon and others from personal libraries.  Thank you all so much - my cup runneth over and some of the titles are just fascinating.  Between what came in the mail and the recommended reading I purchased and downloaded to my Ipad/Kindle,  I'd say I am set for the next month or so.  

Here's what is in the reading pipeline:

Citizenship and Those Who Leave edited by Nancy Green and Patrick Weil

Globalizing Migration Regimes edited by Kristof Tamas and Joakim Palme

The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein

Comment je suis redevenu chrétien by Jean-Claude Guillebaud

Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball:  The Best of Joe Bageant edited by Ken Smith (just finished this one and am preparing a Flophouse review)

That is quite a lot of good reading.  Plus, for those days when "Chemo Brain" hits hard, I have trouble focusing, and I just want to be anywhere but in my own poisoned skin, I have been swapping lists of favorite Romance novels (littérature sentimentale) with friends here.  Yep, French women like this stuff too....

Bon weekend!


Shirl and Rowan said...

Hey, Victoria - best on your adventure that continues next week. Speaking of reading, you can look at to see the books I have read on our Big Round the World Trip. Many junky, many free and found in places where we stayed in the last 13 1/2 months, and every single one entertaining in its own special way. I would never have read most of these if I had been home. Just one of the glorious things about having no schedule. :)
Rowan and Shirl

CarnetsdeSeattle said...

You need me to send you the 50 shades... Series?? :)

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi Shirl, Hi Rowan: Wow! Some good titles there. I don't think I can resist getting The Harvard Psychedelic Club. Thanks so much. That is one great booklist.

Salut Loic, Confession time: I've already got a copy . Just loved it too. Great read. This was not the romance novel (my mom calls them "bodice rippers') of my youth which were really tame by comparison. Today what sells is really what I would call soft porn. Makes you wonder what will be hot in 2020. :-)