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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ted Talk: Your Different is My Normal

This is wonderful.  In a few short minutes Derek Silvers shows that what you think is "normal" depends very much on your cultural perspective.  He uses the difference between the address system used in Japan and that used in the U.S.  or France to show that we can all be looking at the same thing but we interpret it very very differently depending on our cultural programming.  Many thanks to Jaime LeBlanc for sharing this on Twitter:


Eric said...

Incidentally, Sivers moved to Singapore last year. He's part of the American diaspora too. "One of us", as it were, at least for now

Victoria FERAUGE said...

And the American Diaspora grows little by little - one by one. I am thrilled that he has joined our ranks but I am also SO jealous. We've been looking into Singapore - I wrote a few posts about it:

Singapore Dreams

Prime Minister Lee Welcomes Foreign Talent

Quite attractive and there seems to be lots of opportunity there. We would *kill* to return to Asia. :-)