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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

French Blogosphere - 2012 Elections

A few days ago the blog, French Politics, had a link to this interactive map,  La blogosphère politique en 2012,  showing the "galaxie" of  the French blogosphere in this election year.  The map is very well done.  1491 sites and blogs talking about French politics in 2012 and where they sit in the rather wide spectrum of political affiliation in France ranging from the Far Left to the Far Right.  There are three separate maps: 

The French Political Blogosphere:  This appears to be all the sites.  Their affiliation is color-coded.  I was very amused to see the Left is pink.  The Far Right is brown.

Blogosphere of Militants and Their Sympathizers:  Blogs and sites connected to those with rather extreme views on the Left, Far Left and the Greens.

The Party Blogosphere:  Over 1000 sites connected to the official parties and those who support them.  I see that the folks from the Lutte Ouvrière are there.

A really amazing diversity of views, movements, parties.  Have a look.  There are links at the bottom of each map which will take you to an analysis of each map. Not a bad way to become more familiar with the French political landscape.

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