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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sakura 2015

A cherry tree that was just about to bloom
 at Sakura-Shukugawa last Sunday
Well, I was going to march over to Osaka castle today and take beautiful pictures of the cherry trees blooming.

But the weather today was terrible - rainy and windy.  So I took my umbrella and walked up Sakai-suji street to have lunch with my spouse at Paul's.  (Yes, Osaka has a Paul's bakery which is a good translation of the ones in France).

We had salad, salmon, and all the bread we could eat from the bread buffet (a feature we definitely didn't have at Paul's in France).

Safely home, I opened my email and I was saved.  Another Osaka blogger (a thoroughly nice lady by the way) had dashed out, taken pictures of the cherries in all their glory, and posted them on her blog.

Lovely pictures and a good story to go with them.

So allow me to send you over to Our Osaka Blog to see the cherry blossoms at Kouzu Gu Shrine.


Pat L said...

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for sharing the Blog on Cherry Blossoms in Japan. She writes very much like you, full of joy and good humor. Bisous from Normandie.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi Pat,

Thank you. Feeling a bit more joyous these days, Osaka is a good place.

My blogging consoeur is a lovely person and I agree that it shines through in her blog. We went and had coffee and cake together at a neighborhood Cake Cafe. The conversation was a delicious as the pastry.

Bisous back from the Kansai.