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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pew: 7 Facts about World Migration

Check out this article from Pew Research:

7 Facts about World Migration

Here are two that I found particularly interesting:

What country has the most diverse, multi-cultural migrant population?

The United Kingdom

What nationality has the most destination diversity (that means that the emigrants from this country tend to spread out and have the largest global presence).

The French

Pew says:
"The French like to live all over the world – emigrants from France live in more countries than emigrants from any other nation. Using the Herfindahl index, the destination diversity of emigrants born in France is 95 on a 0 to 100 scale. It is 89 for American-born people living outside of the U.S. There are at least 1,000 French-born people living in each of 83 different countries and territories; the most popular destinations are Spain (220,000) and the United States (180,000)."
Fancy that. :-)


Larry Caracciolo said...

Hi - I'm visiting Paris the end of September for vacation, taking ten days. Might it be possible to meet for coffee and some conversation? I've followed your blog for a while, and living here in Seattle (but not a native of Seattle), I could share news and changes.

oliviadog said...

As is often the case, I never know what tidbit the flophouse is gonna throw out there... love your blog!

Northerndar said...

I liked the Pew 7 Facts article. I have passed it on to others, especially my UK son.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

@Larry! Absolutely. I'm around. Just send a note via email

@Oliviadog, Thank you! *I* never know what people are thinking when they read my blog (are they thinking I'm a nutty old lady? :-) so thank you so much for the feedback.

@Northerndar, The part about the French was really surprising to me and to some folks who commented on FB. Good stuff to know....

LarryC said...

Victoria - I posted a note to your yahoo email acct. Check your spam box in case it is re-directed there. My emails to my French tutor always end up there ;-)