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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Migration, Faith, and Hope

I learned this morning at Mass that today is the Journée Mondiale du Migrant et du Réfugié 2013 (Worldwide Migrant and Refugee Day).

And to my shock I discovered for the first time that the Catholic Church has something called La Pastorale des Migrants which is there  "pour aider les chrétiens migrants a prendre leur place en Eglise dans les pays ou ils vivent." (To aid Christian migrants find their place in the Church in the country where they live.)

This is a worldwide service (the Church is international in scope).  In France there is a bishop, Mgr. Laurent Dognin of Bordeaux,  who is responsible for the Service National de la Pastorale des Migrants.  Their website is here and I like very much their logo which has this quotation from Pope John Paul II:

As an American Catholic who had some trouble in the beginning finding her way in the French Church, I wish I had known that this organization existed.  But at least now I know where to orient people who are in the same situation.

Bon Dimanche!

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