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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flophouse Garden - Cats' Paradise

To a human the Flophouse garden is a nice place to sit out on the patio and admire the roses.  For a cat, however, it is something else - a jungle with places to hide and branches and stone walls on which to lazily perch and disdainfully survey the domain.

We have two cats:  Tatou and Minouche.  The first is dumber than a post and the second is probably the ugliest feline I've ever met. Yes, we do love them.  Enough to haul them all the way to Tokyo and back.

Here they are in all their (ahem) "glory":

Tatou hiding under the hedge

The "jungle" that I leave uncut so that they can romp.

Minouche "guarding" the kitchen door
"Their" scratching post
My wild strawberries (about the only thing the little !@#$ won't nibble on)

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