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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wonderful Weather in Versailles

After weeks of rain, the sun came out yesterday and it was glorious.  Temperatures hit 24 degrees (75 F) yesterday and it will be even warmer today.  It's way too nice to sit inside and tickle keys so I'm taking the weekend off to work in the garden and to clean up our patio.  The capucines (nasturtiums) finally came up.  The ever reliable geraniums are blooming.  The dahlias are being attacked by some unknown insect and will have to be sprayed.  The very first blossoms have appeared on the tomato plants.  In the two small vegetable beds under the horrible locust tree there is lettuce (to be picked soon because with the warm weather it gets bitter fast), an artichoke and lots of broccoli (the Frenchlings are fans).  There are herbs as well:  thyme, lavender, rosemary, parsley.  But the most outstanding feature today really is the roses in full bloom. The pink one is very fragrant and only blooms once or twice at most.  The three reds on the other side are a little more prolific and can be coaxed into blooming all summer long.  A few photos:


Berliniquais said...

What a treat! I hope the weather stays like that in Versailles so that your garden can thrive! In Berlin, we can't really complain, we've had more sunny and warm days in the last 6 weeks than in the whole of last summer I'd reckon. Actually, a few of my plants died because of the extremen heat last week. I was away 4 days and couldn't do anything but constater les dégâts on my return... :-(

But I'll replace them :-)

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi JM, I had stuff wilting as well. Had to pour buckets of water into the pots on the patio to keep things from dying. I wish you lived closer because I'm having a little problem here: I planted too much lettuce and we won't be able to eat all of it before it goes bitter because of the heat....