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Friday, May 11, 2012

How Did French Expatriates Vote?

Another really splendid post over at Arun with a View about how French expatriates and dual nationals voted in the French presidential election.  This information comes from exit polls at the French consulates abroad.  Fascinating.  I won't spoil the read for you but here are just a few results that I thought were particularly interesting:

The race was close in Mexico: 47% for Hollande and 52% for Sarkozy.  The UK was another close one with Hollande squeaking by with a little over 50% of the vote. Germany, however, was a solid win for Hollande with 56%.

In the U.S. Sarkozy beat Hollande 61% to 39% but looking at the major cities you see a lot of variation.  New York and Chicago were solidly Sarko.  New Orleans was a Hollande win.

And in my hometown of Seattle?  255 votes for Hollande and 343 votes for Sarkozy.

How did that happen? :-)


Anonymous said...

Victoria, the numbers reported are the actual results from the foreign polling stations, which can be seen in the table I linked to.


Victoria FERAUGE said...

Again, Arun, that was a fantastic post.

I felt my age when I peeked at the numbers you linked to - the format was almost too much for aging eyes (I need to get my bifocals adjusted). I think I'll print it out.

What surprised me was to uncover my own unjustified assumptions about how the French population in Seattle would vote. I just though that most, of course, would be for Hollande since Seattle is a pretty left-leaning kind of place. Clearly I was incorrect. A good lesson for me to keep the Beginner's Cup always half empty and not to make judgements before prior investigation.