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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ted Talk: Hasan Elahi

This Ted talk is really inspiring.  The speaker, an American of Bangladeshi origin, was mistakenly added to a surveillance list and was dropped into a Kafkaesque nightmare where he had to prove that he was not a terrorist.  His reaction was not what one would expect.  I would have been highly indignant and looking for the best lawyer money could buy.  After watching his talk I have to admit that he is the better man.  What he did and how he reacted is both deeply inspiring and really funny.

For example, when he was being interrogated by the FBI, he had to answer many questions.  His answer to this one had me laughing so hard I almost cried:

FBI:  Do you belong to any group that wishes to harm the United States?
Elahi's answer:  I work at a university

I am astounded by his courage, his patience and his ability to turn this event into a really fascinating personal project - information as art.

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