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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Tea Party and the Front National

If any of you on either side of the Atlantic are political animals, you might find this interesting.

Arun with a View wrote this post about Marine Le Pen, the leader of the extreme right party in France, the Front National.  Madame Le Pen is the daughter of the rather notorious Jean-Marie Le Pen, a figure who has generated much controversy on the French political scene for his rather extreme views.   You may recall that he managed to make it to the final round of at least one French presidential election - something that profoundly shocked my Left-leaning friends here and both amused and pleased my Right-wing friends since it virtually assured Chirac's election.

Marine Le Pen has taken up the cause and is doing well.  The elder Frenchling has been following her closely and is very impressed.  Or I should say she was impressed until Le Pen attacked dual nationality. I think I can now safely say that she will not be voting for the Front National anytime soon.

Arun with a View ends his posts on Le Pen with a very provocative statement which broadens the scope of the discussion to the United States.  He (she?) asks:
"BTW, mutatis mutandis there is no significant political difference between Palin and Marine LP. Or between today’s Republican party and the France’s Front National. French frontistes would be at home in the Tea Party and Tea Partiers in the FN. If anyone disagrees, please explain why."
Excellent question and I was very pleased to read in the comments section, a very thoughtful reply by an American blogger who does a fine job of outlining what he sees as the major differences.  I'll let you read it for yourselves - my only comment is that I agree with much of what he says though I think he underestimates Sarah Palin.

For those of you who might want to investigate further and form your own conclusions, I offer you two resources.  The first is a link to the official Front National website where they outline their program for France by theme:  immigration, culture, foreign policy and so on.  The second is a link to the Tea Party mission statement.  

Before I leave you to go about my day, I would be remiss if I did not note that today is Independence Day in the U.S.  If I calculate correctly the nation is celebrating its 235th anniversary.  

Happy Birthday, America, and I wish I were there to see the fireworks. :-)

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