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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Election Day: The French Abroad Voting in the US and Canada

Today is election day for the French abroad and at home.  Tim Smyth in the US has been driving by one of the polling sites and he took a picture which he posted on Facebook. Tim very kindly gave me his permission to post his photo on the Flophouse.

Tim writes, "Below is a picture of the line to vote at the Lycee Francais in Somerville, MA [State of Massachusetts] outside of Boston at around 4:00PM. It was actually slightly longer when I first drove by."

Photo by Tim Smyth, April 23, 2017

And here is a video of the French voting in Washington, D.C.

And this video on Twitter by Francois Zeller showing a very long line of French trying to vote in Montreal.  The Montreal Gazette says that French waited for hours in line to vote.  The article has a video with on the spot interviews with French voters.

And here are a few general articles about the election in the New York Times, the Japan Times, Al Jazeera, and the Guardian.

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