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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Democrats Abroad Town Hall

Late last month Democrats Abroad held a Global Town Hall with former Secretary of State Madelaine Albright speaking for the Hilary Clinton campaign, and Bernie Sanders speaking for himself directly to Americans abroad.  Have a listen and add what they had to say to your reflections on the US presidential race.

I've posted a great deal about the activities of Democrats Abroad recently.  That's because they have put together some very useful and interesting material that is easy to share with others on-line.  I would be more than happy to do the same for the Republican side.  So all you Republican Overseas out there, let me know what you've got and I will include it.

For the record I have a a Menckenesque take on all politicians.  I believe in keeping them employed (and in their place) but I don't trust them very much and if it were up to me I'd like to see every indignity that is inflicted on the American worker applied to them:  cameras in the workplace, access to their email, and regular drug tests.

Enjoy the videos and leave a comment if you feel inspired.


Unknown said...


Do you want Drumph?

Anonymous said...

You are right.
We cannot trust anyone of them.
We need to trust and think for ourselves.

I want Trump !!!

Ra Delman said...

Howdy there. Another Seattleite here. Boomer. Expat -- 23 years and counting, eight of them spent in the Kobe area. Appreciate your posts. Watching the debacle at home with fear and loathing. Voting Bernie if he makes it beyond the primaries, and Green if he does not.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi Ra, Thanks for reading and for the comment. I'm really happy that you're enjoying the Flophouse and I really appreciate your writing and saying so.

Well, at least this US election isn't boring, right? I like Bernie too. But damn I really want a candidate to come out strong against FATCA and for RBT. Am I dreaming?

@James, I loved the Oliver video and so did my Irish flatmate.

@anonymous, Not so sure about Trump. He needs to start talking to Americans abroad. So far I've heard nada from his campaign about FATCA/CBT. And that doesn't give me a good feeling.

Anonymous said...

And I wonder what the Democrats Abroad have to say to this: