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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gay Marriage and Advertising

A family member in the US sent me a link to this video - an advertisement for Tide.  I thought it was well done and is gently funny, too. Who would of thought just a few years ago that gay marriage in America would be so mainstream that it could be used as a setting to sell laundry detergent?



Inaka Nezumi said...


By the way, here's a gay/transgender/drag-positive coffee commercial that is currently showing on Japanese TV:

Anonymous said...

hmm... I really don't like all these gay weddings. I do have gay friends and I like them as friends.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

I loved the way it played on assumptions. Here is this very conservative looking middle-aged woman and when she opens her mouth what are most of us (and the couple) thinking?

That she is about to unload with some nasty comments. And the surprise is that they (and we) are wrong.

So the advertisement takes on a prejudice - that an older woman in a suit in front of church confront a gay couple about to be married is a rude, homophobic, anti-gay person.

I turn 50 this year, I'm a conservative Catholic and I have no issue whatsoever with gay marriage. So from where I sit, the advertisement really resonated with me. In a good way. :-)

Anonymous said...

OK, I am not so anxious to be controversial on others blogs but seriously perhaps we should consider that civil marriage is a right to form an advantageous contract that offers a menu of protections to the partnership. What our individual church's decide to do is another matter altogether. I am not aware of any current legislation or law that restricts each church from protecting what they believe to be right to restrict their practices to traditional marriage. Not to be adversarial here but why on earth would you be interested in restricting your "friends" right to a civil marriage contract? And, you may actually be in the same position as one of the US politicians who was opposed to gay marriage but who would possibly, if asked, be open to attending their wedding. It was pointed out that it would be unlikely that ever be faced with that moral difficulty. Wonder how your "friends" feel about you.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

anonymous, that's pretty much how I see it. I'm Catholic and the Church has any number of ideas about marriage which are not reflected in how the state in the US or France sees civil marriage. We have our ways and I don't see that we can reasonably ask that the democratic nation-state (or other Christians) adjust their ways accordingly to our beliefs. Civil marriage in my view is Caesar's problem. :-)