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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Attack in Paris

Late this morning I was at the American church and as I and a friend were walking out on the way to lunch, the staff at the church gave us the news that there had been a shooting in the 11th district and that the church was closed down - standard, they said, when this happens.  The friend I was with lives in that part of town and was on his cellphone immediately.  Quite a relief to him to hear his family on the phone.

It was a horrendous attack. I will not say more here about it because I think Arun's post is perfect and he is updating it with links and commentary as more information comes in.  I invite you to head over there and read about what happened:

I am Charlie

After I posted this I had an urge to pick up St. Augustine and find this passage.  Not sure why it inspires me but I thought I would share parts of it with you.  Eternal questions that we still struggle to with :
"Where then is evil, and what is its source, and how has it crept into the Creation?  What is its root, what is its seed?  Can it be that it is wholly without being?  But why should we fear and be on guard against what is not?  Or if our fear of it is groundless, then our very fear is itself an evil thing...Whence then is evil, since God who is good made all things good?"  


Unknown said...

Je suis Charlie. Find these people.

Northerndar said...

My thoughts are with the families of the victims and their families and their fellow citizens. So tragic.

Blaze said...

Hugs to France from Canada.

Blaze said...

Thinking of you on another horrific day in France and sending love your way.

Blaze said...

Canadians joined worldwide unity marches in support of France.

kermitzii said...

You would not believe this fallout from the massacre. I have to talk the dean of my University about a small comment made to a Muslim who I have a dozen papers with. More later!