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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Talking FATCA with The Stateless Man

I had the extraordinary pleasure today to spend some time talking with Fergus Hodgson of The Stateless Man on his weekly radio show.  I was just thrilled to do radio - a medium that I was raised to love and still think is far superior to television.  And I had a great time with this gentleman who is funny, smart as a whip and knows how to show a lady exile a good time.

On the same show was someone familiar  to many of you who follow FATCA and the growing number of American citizens renouncing citizenship, Daniel Kuttel.

Fergus was kind enough to pass along recordings of both interviews.  As a bonus in between me and Dani is an interview with Lois Lowry, author of The Giver.  I wasn't familiar with her work but I enjoyed the interview so much that the book went straight on my Goodread to-read list.

You can find everything (all two hours) here in mp3 format.  Enjoy.


Em said...

Victoria, you are a natural for radio. I can just hear you on your own program in the future saying, "Welcome to The Franco-American Flophouse" -- well I can dream of it at least. Well done!

P. Moore said...

I just finished listening to you with The Stateless Man. Great discussion, but I got the impression you could have taken up the entire 2 hours if given the opportunity. If you did, I would have listened to the entire 2 hours (didn't find their commercials too good however)!! I hope you get a similar chance on other media.

Ken Smith said...

Hi Victoria,

I fully agree with the above comment that you are a natural for radio. Superb job. I've just listened to your radio interview and I am quite impressed. You have a natural speaking talent and I hope that other broadcasters and podcasters will find you to explain a very complex tax issue in understandable language.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

@Em, Thank you! I just LOVE radio and the interview was so much fun. And Fergus was the perfect host and I really really appreciated the chance to talk about FATCA.

@P. Moore, Oh easily. As it was Fergus actually gave me and extra 15 minutes more than we'd been scheduled for.

@Ken, Thank you so much. As I said to Em, it was a blast. I feel really comfortable with radio and frankly I really enjoy public speaking period. Before I got sick I was an annual invited speaker at the MBA program at Ponts in Paris on innovation and IT. I miss doing it.