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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowing Again in Versailles

Global warming?


The snow started falling this morning as I walked to church and it was coming down hard when I left.  The ladies at church loaned me an umbrella and insisted that I take the bus home.

It wasn't sticking so I didn't worry and then about an hour ago the temperature dropped and I saw the white stuff piling up in the garden.  Here's a picture I took before the sun went completely down.

If you are in Paris area and were considering going out and out, I'd rethink that.  Stay home and stay safe.  On a day like today I cook comfort food.  Something from The Garlic Lover's Cookbook (1980 edition) from Gilroy, the Capital Garlic of the World sounds about right.


P. Moore said...

I hope your daughter in Montreal does not laugh at you considering the blast they got in the past couple of days. Of course Montreal and Versailles is not a fair comparison when it comes to snow fall.

Mike said...

Will consult on IKEA furniture for food (especially those pancakes and waffles). Oy vey!

Anonymous said...

Well, I would send you a picture of my snow situation but I am in white-out conditions where I am. Not good for skiing (crash) but tomorrow it is supposed to be partly cloudy and still about 0 C no snow (Thursday as well) so good time to hit the slopes for two days.

Good luck at OECD.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

@P. Moore Yep, I think she would have found the sight of us quaking in our boots over 2 cm to be really really funny.

@Mike, No need for an Ikea technician. Am looking for someone to go to the jeudis musicaux at the castle with me though. :-)

@Jefferson, Thank you so much for the good vibes. They sustained me in the belly of the beast.. It went well. Hope the report is useful. You should see my notes. :-) Hope you got to go skiing.