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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

European Blue Card - Update France October 2011

A quick update on what I have been able to turn up for the France's implementation of the Blue Card.

I found a hint here on the Public Service website:  "Pour connaître le lieu de dépôt de votre demande, renseignez-vous, en premier lieu, auprès de la préfecture ou sous préfecture de votre lieu de résidence et, à Paris, à la préfecture de police."
"To know where to go to apply, first ask for information at the local prefecture or sub-prefecture in the community where you live and, in Paris, at the main police station."

So I went looking and I was able to find a mention of the Blue Card in every Prefecture website I consulted (Préfecture du Loiret, Loire-Atlantique....) and they all had this to say:

Nouvelles règles sur le travail des étrangers hautement qualifiés

La loi du 16 juin 2011 sur l'immigration crée un nouveau titre de séjour temporaire mention "carte bleue européenne", destiné aux travailleurs étrangers hautement qualifiés. Par ailleurs, cette loi apporte des modifications mineures sur la carte de séjour "scientifique".
Un décret du 6 septembre 2011 précise ces nouvelles mesures.
Cette page est en cours de mise à jour.

 New rules for highly qualified foreign workers.
The Law of June 16 2010 concerning immigration creates a new temporary work permit called the "European Blue Card" destined for highly qualified foreign workers.  In addition this law make minor changes to the "Scientific" work permit.  

A decree dated September 6 2011 details this new measures.

This page is in the process of being updated.

The decree in question is here:  Décret n° 2011-1049 du 6 septembre 2011 pris pour l'application de la loi n° 2011-672 du 16 juin 2011 relative à l'immigration, l'intégration et la nationalité et relatif aux titres de séjour 

Scroll down to Chapter 2 and you will find the "Dispositions portant sur les cartes de séjour temporaire et notamment la « carte bleue européenne » et la carte portant la mention « scientifique-chercheur »

And under Article R313-19-1 they say:

"La décision du préfet est notifiée par écrit à l'étranger dans les meilleurs délais et au plus tard dans les quatre-vingt-dix jours suivant le dépôt de la demande."
"The decision of the Prefecture will be communicated in writing to the foreigner as quickly as possible and no later than 90 days following the submission of the application."

So all the signs point to the prefectures being responsible for processing applications and rendering a decision as to whether or not the foreigner qualifies and gets his/her Blue Card. 

But to know for sure how this is being implemented we need to either wait until those darn pages are actually updated or, if you are in France,  head straight down to the local prefecture in your community and ask. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Victoria,

You are doing a great job regarding the EU Blue Card. I have checked about this with my prefecture(Haute Garonne) and they have no clue. Hope things will be clear soon

Anonymous said...

Hello Victoria,

I appreciate your efforts in hunting the informations for EU Blue Card implementation in France.

I have checked with my prefecture(Haute Garonne) many times and they have no clue. Hope things will be clear in future.

In my opinion, the biggest concern is about the salary, which is 1.5 times the national average wage.

In this link the average wage is categorised per gender, age group, profession etc. The biggest question, which one will be applied.

1.5 times the domestic average wage is close to 4100 Euros per month BRUT, which is very high for even qualified professional(not in Paris Area)

Victoria FERAUGE said...

It's my pleasure. :-)

Thanks for the news from your prefecture. I need to go to mine in the near future on business and I will ask if they know anything (Yvelines).

I think you're right about the salary. That combined with trying to get a work contract from outside the country (or within the country on a tourist or other visa) are huge barriers. I can't help but compare this with the New Zealand Silver Fern program which is, I think, a much better way to go about attracting talent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,

Nice information. Concerned to the question related to the high salaries. According to the site governed by the EU, (, Q5.

Here provided the min salary according to 2011 data.

For france it comes to 2806 (I hope its a gross salary).

Hope this is useful.


Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi Srin, that is useful information. Is it accurate? Well, If we take 2806 x 13 (I'm assuming there is a thirteenth month in a 12-month contract) that would be 37,000 euros a year. That's not too bad for a starting salary for someone with a bit of experience. (I've hired junior dev people for around 30K). Anyone else have a different take on it?

Oh and the link you posted flashes a very ugly security warning when I try to access it - is the link correct?


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria:

Yes its valid URL. It may be browser problem.

Victoria FERAUGE said...

And it does indeed work (I just tried it again).

Very useful information. Thanks for sharing it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, great stuff you got here. Just a note, I think that list of income is for the minimum required from the potential EU blue card holder, so they are already 1.5 times of the average income. BTW, any update from France?

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Thank you. I hope it was helpful. I did a quick pass on the French sites I'm following and don't see anything new. It is, however, the holiday season so I would check back after the first of the year.