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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

European Blue Card - Update on France

As promised I have been following the implementation of the EU Blue Card in France and I'm paying particular attention to the OFII site Pour la promotion de l'immigration professionelle.  Here's what's I found: 4Q6U5RP85X6V

Loi n° 2011-672 du 16 juin 2011 - this is the text of the law, commonly referred to as the "Loi Besson", that was passed last June.  See Chapter II, articles 17-20  about "La carte de sejour temporaire portant la mention 'Carte Bleue Europeene'"

Métiers en tension - this site is very interesting.  Not only does it provide a list of 'professions in crisis' but it also gives a very clear statement about when it is acceptable for French companies to actively recruit foreigners:
La situation de l’emploi en France n’est pas opposable aux entreprises qui souhaitent faire appel à des étrangers pour les qualifications connaissant une pénurie de candidats. La liste de ces métiers en difficulté de recrutement, dits métiers en tension, est répertoriée dans une liste nationale ou négociée dans le cadre des accords bilatéraux. Leur nombre peut varier selon le pays d’origine des migrants.
(The employment environment in France is not against companies that wish to recruit foreigners for positions that lack candidates. The list of these professions, called 'metiers en tension', are  placed on a national list or are negotiated within the context of b-lateral agreements.  Their number varies according to the migrants' country of origin.) 
There are two lists.  This one is the most recent (2011) and is called la liste des 14 metiers. These professions are open to all foreigners.  The second is older (2008) but it still seems to be valid and it lists 150 professions by region for which France is open to hiring from some EU countries so not too useful unless you are from those States.

Questions fréquentes : Procédures d’embauche (FAQ: Hiring Procedures) - This is very useful.  It's actually destined for employers who wish to hire a foreigner but no reason you can't use it.  Good information about the procedures and what documents will be required and so on.

I went over the site pretty thoroughly and I don't see a clear path or procedure for those who are interested specifically in the EU Blue Card.  I'm encouraged however by the fact that they do have a link to the text and they seem to be advertising it on their site.  I suspect that we'll see more once everyone gets back from vacation in early September (July/August in France is kind of slow - one of the reasons I love it).

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