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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Morning at the Flophouse

We are just coming off a leisurely three-day weekend (Whit Monday) and the weather was terrible with the exception of Sunday morning.  A good thing since Sunday is market day in the center of Versailles.  Let's retrace our stroll and I'll show you a few of the sights:

The pedestrian path on the Avenue de Paris which leads directly to the castle.
The Avenue de Paris is one of the largest avenues in France.  If you continue straight, it will take you to the Versailles Castle.  If you turn around and go the other direction, it will take you to Paris via St. Cloud.
Past the elder Frenchling's high school, La Bruyere
Two more days until the Bac.  The elder Frenchling has attended this school for the past 2 years which has a reputation for its Literature program.  I personally think it's one of the nicest looking high schools I've ever seen.  The architects did a fine job marrying the older and more recent parts of the complex.
And the police station
This is where we went when my papers were stolen.  I can attest to the fact that the exterior is much finer than the interior.  Given how pleasant and professional they were with me, I'd support a move to dedicate some tax money toward making the police station a lot more comfortable for the personnel. 

Pass through the Flower Market
One of my favorite places and I must keep myself under tight control when we walk through since I have been known to seriously warm up my blue card here.  Plants for the garden are to me what crack cocaine is to a drug addict. 
Wind through the stalls at the Notre Dame market
The Notre Dame market in the city center.  You can find just about anything here (including a pumpkin) and avoid the supermarkets entirely.
And here we are at "our" vegetable stand
We've been shopping at this vegetable stand for the past few years.  Very nice folks and their vegetables are impeccable. Anyone who says that good service is not to be found in the Hexagone never went to one of the markets. 

Flophouse terrace and garden
And home again to unpack the goodies and have a cup of coffee in the sun.

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