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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Superman's Immigration Status?

This is simply too good not to share with you.

Comic books seem to have a universal appeal and some of the characters (like Superman or Batman) are known the world over.  There is just something about the imaginary world of the superhero, antihero and international supervillain that keeps us and our children haunting the local FNAC over the weekend.

Just for fun, two U.S. attorney's have created a blog called Law and the Multiverse to consider legal questions around superhero and supervillain activities.

For example, have you ever wondered, "What is Superman's immigration status?" Is he an asylum seeker, an illegal immigrant or an extra-terrestrial adoptee?

Or, what about superheroes and international law? How would a superhero go after a super-villain led international crime organization without getting the United Nations upset?

The blog is delightful.  Enjoy.

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