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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Flophouse in Scotland - A Good Time Was Had by All

Sometimes you just have to pack up and get out of town for an unknown destination.  Finland or Scotland, we thought.  Scotland it was.  Four days in Edinburgh sounded just about right.  And it was.

Playing Tourist:  The New Parliment Building, Holyrood, The Royal Mile,  University of EdinburghEdinburgh Castle

I highly recommend our Bed and Breakfast:  No. 53 Frederick Street.

Only one disappointment - one of us wanted to get a tattoo.  We found three promising places but they were all booked up for the weekend.  Who would have known that Edinburgh was such a hot spot for body art.....

Pub crawling:   The Queen's ArmsThe White Hart,  Rick's Bar and a really sleazy looking place near the train station (in all fairness we were looking pretty disreputable too) which turned out to have very good wine and a friendly owner.
Drinking IPA (India Pale Ale)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the address of the B&B in Edinbourg. I never been there and I think we have to plan a visit in Scotland soon !
Have a great time

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi Pascal, the B&B was very nice. I think its best feature is its location - right on the edge of the New Town and just a short walk to older parts of the city. We flew in straight to Edinburgh from Paris but a friend recommended flying to London and taking the train. A long trip (4 hours) but I bet you would see a lot of beautiful countryside that way.