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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flophouse Favorite #4 - Cordes et Ame

Not too far from the St. Lazare train station on the rue de Rome is “Luthier Row”, a collection of shops selling all manner of stringed instruments: cellos, violins, violas...  
In 2002 I decided to start playing again and went looking for a violin.  I wanted something suitable for an amateur (not too dear) but with a good sound. A friend suggested that I try one of the shops there.  After wandering around a bit I found exactly what I wanted at a place called Cordes et Ame - a beautiful 100 year old French violin.

My French violin from the workshop of Jean-Baptiste Colin dated 1901.  
I won’t say that the service was impeccable because that is too poor a description of the experience.  The owner was more of a guide, a trusted counsellor, in my quest to find the right instrument for me. 

I even kept the receipt as a souvenir of that day - the handwriting was so lovely.

Cordes et Ame
46, rue de Rome
75008 Paris
Tel:  01 42 93 42 91

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