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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Bac 2017

Oh yes, it's that time again.

High school students in France are taking their final exams for their "Bac" (le baccalauréat) It is a grueling exercise that is stress for children and their parents. I lived through it twice and I am so glad I am done.   The elder Frenchling passed in 2011 and did so well that she was accepted by McGill University in Montreal.  We were and are so very proud of her.  The younger Frenchling passed in 2013 and also went off to Canada for university. We've been singing O Canada ever since but there are some days I wish we were all back in France playing on the beach in Brittany.

Le Monde has published the subjects for the June 20, 2017 exams for the Bac S, ES and L:  Physics/Chemistry, Economics and Social Sciences and Literature.  Have a look.

Bac 2017 : les sujets de physique-chimie, d’économie (SES) et de littérature

Could I answer these questions?  Not a chance, but perhaps some of you might do better.


Ellen said...

I am so, so glad all four of mine are done with this! I'm already cringing for the grandchildren.

Inaka Nezumi said...

Some of the physical chemistry ones look fun, the economics ones less so, and the literature ones, forget it!

How many of these subjects does a kid usually take? Just one, or multiple subjects? Surely not all of them...?

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Oh I knew somebody was going to mention grandchildren. :-) But, hey, that's the parent's job, right, Ellen?

Nezumi-san: Depends on the stream. Wikipedia actually has a decent explanation of the different streams and the classes required for each one. So my younger Frenchling who was in the S (science) stream had to pass exams in French, History/Geography, Foreign languages, Philosophy as well as Math, Physics/Chem and so on. There are oral as well as written exams depending on the subject. Most of the questions are answered with essays except for some of the science and math questions. The students are busy for DAYS taking these exams. The grading is extremely tough. A 14 out of 20 is a good grade and cause for celebration.

Have a look.