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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

RBT Call Storm

I almost forgot to mention this one.

On June 15 (tomorrow for me) some Americans abroad are planning a mass call to Congress in support of Residency-Based Taxation (as opposed to the system we have now called Citizenship-Based Taxation aka the reason you must file a tax return in the US even if you live and work abroad .)

If you are unclear about RBT versus CBT have a look at this really nifty summary published by American Citizens Abroad (ACA)

So the idea behind a "Call Storm" is that you and other Americans abroad give your elected representatives in Washington, D.C. a call tomorrow and tell them what you think about CBT versus RBT (and while you're at it you can throw some FATCA fat on the fire).  If enough people call then, yes, they sit up and pay attention.

You can find the contact info for your reps here and your senators here.

I am going to keep this post strictly non-partisan and not mention either political party.  Certainly you don't have to be affiliated with one or the other to participate.

However, if anyone from either party happens to pass by the Flophouse  with helpful information and encouraging words, feel free to post them in the comments section.


Janet said...

Thank you for posting this Victoria.

This is a bi-partisan issue which affects ALL Americans residing abroad. The upcoming tax reform may be our only change to have RBT replace CBT. RBT is the only way to free us and our children and our spouses from double taxation, FBAR and FATCA.

Since very few "homelanders" have ever heard of CBT,they are not aware of the hardships CBT causes those of us who reside abroad. Please take this opportunity to let your senator and representative know the disadvantages CBT causes you.

Scott from Sydney said...

One problem for some of us abroad is that we have 0 representation. Voting for a Congress person can be used by a greedy state, like California, as intent to return. So they now have a lever to put state tax on you even when you don't live there. For 12 years I have voted solely for President. No other office in the state of CA. So I guess I have no one to complain too :(

Victoria FERAUGE said...

You are very welcome, Janet.

Scott, Honestly, I don't think it makes one whit of difference if you vote or not. My spouse didn't vote in the last French election but he's still a constituent and has a rep. (He'll have a new one it looks like).

The US has a wacky system where you are a constituent of the last place you lived in the US and that will NEVER change unless you return to the US. I go back and forth between Japan and France but Cantwell and Murray remain my senators. I'd so much rather have a system the French one because I've been to see their staff in Seattle and in D.C. and I didn't get the sense I was one of their priorities.

So if you call just say that you're a constituent. Whether you voted or not is none of their business. That's my take on it. Good luck to you.

Dian said...

Thanks for the headsup about the RBT (and FATCA) call-in. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity because I got tipsy Thursday evening (very rare for me) - which is when it would be daytime in Washington. But I will write again (been doing it for several years). Have you gotten any info on how the call-in went?

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Hi Dian, Thank you for writing. That really helps as does showing up at their headquarters in the US state/district they represent. Nice to be able to ask and answer questions and make a case even if it's only to a staffer. No info about how it went. Let me ask and see if anyone can clue us in.