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Saturday, April 29, 2017

FATCA: Post-Hearing Press Conference

No comments from me today.   I am sipping my morning coffee and will let Donna-Lane and others have the floor in this press conference video that took place after the hearing. (Thank you, Donna-Lane for the link on FB.)


Tim said...

I ask a question at about 25:08

Tim said...

I also see that a group of EU lawmakers are blasting Trump's tax proposal including our old friend Sven Giegold.

One opinion I have had always different from many expats is once the "natives" of France, Switzerland, etc(like Victoria's proudly French and only French mother in law) find out what the American expats like Donna and Daniel have been doing in DC the visceral reaction of their native born neighbors in FR and CH will be so viscerally angry it will make Homelander American anger same simply tame in comparison.

While I have always thought there was little or no chance of US CRS participation or FATCA reciprocity after going to DC and seeing and hearing with my own eyes and ears there is absolutely NO change ever of reciprocity and the super wealthy of France and Europe should view it as open season to starting hiding black tax evasion money in the US. In turn this could very well lead to the destruction of the European social welfare state that in mother of all ironies is at least why many American expats in Europe prefer living in Europe.

J Palmer said...

There are a lot of distracting noises. May I ask what they were? Very annoying and frequently difficult to hear the speakers.

Tim said...

The hearing was in the lobby of the Republican National Committee.

Tim said...

This conference in Brussels was going on on the very same day as the FATCA hearing. The politicians are essentially calling for regime change in Washington, DC

Daniel Kuettel said...

J Palmer,

The sound wasn't working properly and thus a backup had to be used. That's why the quality isn't better.