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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Day at Kansai Gaidai University

This morning the younger Frenchling and I got up early and took the train to her university here in Japan for an end of studies ceremony and reception for the international students.

I was very impressed by the university and her professors and the Kandai Gaidai University campus had the most beautiful landscapes.

For the ceremony the students were invited to wear a kimono to the ceremony. (Please, please appropriate our culture absolutely positively with our permission and under our supervision.)  With some urging on our part, the younger Frenchling agreed to this and that is how we found ourselves in a classroom at the school at 7:45 in the morning.

There was no putting on of the kimono by anyone - this was not a DIY project.  Instead each young woman chose a kimono, had her hair styled and was dressed by a very charming and meticulous older Japanese woman.  It took about 20 minutes to dress each girl.  There were undergarments and ties under the kimono to make it just just right.  And then there was the folding so they would lay just so.  Clips were added to the collar to make it stand out from the neck.  The obi was then wound firmly around the waist and tied into a bi-colored pattern at the back.  Next came the socks and the sandals.  The final touch was a purse.  Everything was, of course, beautifully color coordinated and, needless to say, there were no (and no chance of) wardrobe malfunctions.

What a wonderful day it was.  The younger Frenchling looked lovely, the ceremony went off without a hitch with her very proud mother watching and loving every moment of it.

Here are a few photos before I get a much-needed coffee.  Enjoy your weekend.


Ellen said...

Lovely day, lovely daughter.

Maria said...

Beautiful! I understand your pride!

Inaka Nezumi said...

Very nice! So are her studies there ending, or starting?

Victoria FERAUGE said...

Thank you, Ellen and Maria. It certainly helped that the weather was glorious. Sunny but not too hot. Yet. Rainy season is next. You'd think that I wouldn't mind being from Seattle and all. However the combination of warm and wet seems downright unnatural to me.

Nezumi-san, She finished her two quarters of study abroad but she's not quite done. She's been accepted for an internship here in Osaka and will be busy doing that until Fall. Then she goes back to Montreal to finish up her degree.